I’m Jeff and I wanted to fly since I was a child. To me, it seemed that aviation was omnipresent but somehow unreachable. Twenty years ago, I found a way to get started. Twenty years later, I’m a flight instructor, and I own my own airplane! I’m continually amazed at how much of our lives are impacted by aviation and how people who have no formal training in aviation are getting involved at a revolutionary rate.

With a passion to help others, I have set out on a journey to share my knowledge and experiences to inspire you to the unlimited possibilities in aviation THAT ARE HAPPENING RIGHT NOW. You can join this movement and form new alliances that will shape the future of one of America’s greatest freedoms – Aviation!


Jeff Jorgenson

Aviation touches nearly everyone, few understand how and why it works. Armed with experience as an aircraft owner and flight instructor, retired Navy Veteran and stay-at-home dad, Jeff Jorgenson, set out on a journey to inspire his kids and others with a holistic vision of how accessible aviation can be in our rapidly changing world.

Meet our Advisory Board

Major General Carl G Schneider, USAF Retired and Distinguished Flying Cross Recipient

Publisher, Robbie Grayson

Principle, Al Dykens, PhD of Lamoni Public Schools

Dr. Jesse Bolinger, PhD, Bolinger Solutions, Marketing Consultant

Alex Wibe, US navy Helicopter Pilot and Business Consultant

Janet Ivey-Duensing – President of Janet’s Planet, Inc 

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