STEM Education through Aviation

Aviation is an excellent STEM education platform. In addition to STEM, it also provides history lessons, communication skills, and financial planning with practical applications to build solid life-skills.

Did you know some people learn to fly before they learn to drive? You can fly for the airlines at age 21, and through 2025, it is predicted that every major airline will continue to be hiring!


When I was giving a presentation, a parent said, “my child has an interest in aviation, but I have no idea where to start.”

At another presentation, a teacher admitted not knowing there was a local flight school, or that her children were old enough to start flight training!

We want anyone interested in aviation to have access to learning opportunities, activities, and ultimately maybe even a career in aviation.

We’re bringing aviation education to the forefront.

Continuing Education For Teachers

We have partnered with the Iowa AEA to develop a certified course for teachers! This course covers the basics of getting started in the aviation field and counts toward their continuing education credits. Check it out here.

Classroom Learning

We offer in-class presentations and curriculum assistance to teachers looking to incorporate aviation into their course curriculum. 

Jeff Jorgenson, Founder of Open Air Flight Club reviews a map in a classroom with students. The map is spread out on the floor and 6 young children are huddled around it. Aviation and flight can teach us so much about the world and how we enter it.
a young woman holding a model airplane and wearing a flight club talks to a younger girl about flying

Field Trips

Join us at an aviation event or set up a plane tour to see the science and thrill of flight first hand!


There are many ways to incorporate STEM and the theories of flight into the classroom. Contact us for recommended activities for your students age group.

five students at the open air flight club study a flight simulator


At OAFC we have the same simulators pilots train on. This is a great window into aviation training and what to expect when you’re off the ground.

To talk more about why aviation and STEM education go hand in hand, contact Jeff! 

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