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Open Air Flight Club is a group for aviation enthusiasts who want to build a community where individuals of all ages can learn more about flying and the science behind the miracle of flight. 


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Open Air is your guide to all things aviation! Jeff Jorgenson, club founder, an American Veteran, stay-at-home-dad, civilian flight instructor and your virtual aviation ambassador, shares his story an introduction into flight!

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Membership in the Open Air Flight Club automatically qualifies you for a chance to win a $1000 scholarship towards your aviation education!

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The most ambitious of minds know that education and growth never stop. We will support your continued education in aviation with regular downloads.

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The aviation magazine, AviNation is the first dedicated flight publication for youth, by youth.

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Meet Jeff Jorgenson
Founder, Open Air

Jeff Jorgenson, Founder of Open Air Flight Club taking off with his daughter in the front seat of their plane and his wife and young son in the back seat.

Aviation is an excellent STEM educational platform. On top of STEM, or as I like to say STEAM (A. for Aviation) it also provides history lessons, communication skills, and financial planning with a very real practical application that builds solid life-skills.


Some people learn to fly before they learn to drive! You can start flying for the airlines at age 21, and through 2025, it is predicted that every major airline will continue to be hiring!



I wanted to fly since I was a child. To me, it seemed that aviation was omnipresent but somehow unreachable. Twenty years ago, I found a way to get started. Twenty years later, I’m a flight instructor, and I own my own airplane! I’m continually amazed at how much of our lives are impacted by aviation and how people who have no formal training in aviation are getting involved at a revolutionary rate.

With a passion to help others, I have set out on a journey to share my knowledge and experiences to inspire you to the unlimited possibilities in aviation THAT ARE HAPPENING RIGHT NOW. You can join this movement and form new alliances that will shape the future of one of America’s greatest freedoms – Aviation!

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Bringing Aviation to STEM Education

Passion for Aviation?

If you're interested in Aviation and you love Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, then you'll want to join Open Air Flight Club.

Stimulate Developing Minds

Do you have someone at home who eats, sleeps, and breathes aviation? We have a variety of activities and resources that stimulate developing minds.
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Classroom Aviation Learning

If you're looking for STEAM curriculum with an emphasis on aviation we offer a few ways to engage your classroom.

Your Future in Flight...

We are dedicated to providing resources, opportunities and education in the field of aviation. 

Individuals of all ages, but especially our youth need greater access to outlets that cultivate their curiosity in flight. 

With thousands of career opportunities, aviation is a viable future when making a career decision.

Our programs also supplement S.T.E.A.M (A. for Aviation) curriculum.

Get Your Career Off The Ground

If you're thinking about a career in aviation you're in the right place. We'll help you discover all the different careers offered in aviation.

From Curiosity

Did you run to the window and point yelling airplane, airplane? Yep, we did too, that's how you know you're in the right place. You have a passion for aviation.

Find Your Place

Once you spend time exploring aviation and all it has to offer you'll quickly find a specific area you may want to pursue as a hobby or career.

Design & Steer The Future

Science. Technology. Engineering. Aviation. Math. or STEAM are all key elements to the future of aviation including space travel.

To Career

In 2018 there were 67,000 available jobs in aviation with a median salary of $115,000.

Let Your Dream Take Flight

Whether you want to learn how to fly, create a hobby, or pursue a career in aviation we can help you find what you need to accomplish your dream.
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What People Say!

“Jeff has made many contributions to aviation in his more than 15 years in Minnesota...In 2015, Jeff relocated to Iowa...Jeff continues to seek aviation and STEM events in MN and nationwide to promote his book...Jeff was the MN Aviation Hall of Fame 2019 Writing Award recipient.”
Noel Allard
Chairman of the Board,
Minnesota Aviation Hall of Fame
When I read the first draft of Jeff Jorgensen’s Open Air: How People Like Yourself Are Changing the Aviation Industry, I was struck with how he had written a superb guide with very practical examples of resources and advice for anyone who is contemplating a future in any area of the exciting aviation industry. I had never before seen so much useful aviation material between two book covers! Major general Carl G Schneider
Carl G Schneider​
Major General

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